What Is Podfm?

podfm will be a Personal and On-Demand radio station...on-air and on-line.

podfm will be a Canadian broadcasting first, a listener-driven Hit radio station aimed at giving young Londoners the music, information and entertainment they want...how they want it and when they want it.

It's Personal... the Music

Podfm listeners will have a BIG say in the music we play.

You can listen to music clips on our website and vote for your favourites by text, on-line or phone. Our listeners will help to create the podfm music universe.

Support great new Canadian artists like Kreesha Turner, Simple Plan, Kardinal Offishall, the Trews, Brian Melo, Hedley and Elise Estrada.

Vote for your favourite international acts too, like the Jonas Brothers, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Usher, Pussycat Dolls, Daughtry, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna.

Our listeners will have a voice that really counts!

This audience-driven approach to podfm's music library will result in a broad mix of songs that are not often heard on local radio...if at all. In fact, podfm's playlist is guaranteed to be different from other London radio stations. Up to 75‰ of our "spins" will come from the newest music titles.

It's Personal... the Content

podfm will talk about the things young people in London care about the most.

Whether it's reporting on the local scene, providing the latest sports and entertainment information, or tackling issues of importance to today's youth such as the environment, youth violence and drug and alcohol abuse, podfm's content will be as unique as the music we play.

Tell us what YOU want to hear on podfm by taking our survey here.

It's Personal... the Talent

We know that London loves its music scene, and that local listeners are the best judge of who's hot and who's not in town. That's why once a year podfm will support a live tour of three talented emerging bands from the London and south western Ontario region selected from the North by Northeast music conference database. podfm listeners will be given an intimate insider view on what's involved in a multi-city tour as they track the bands on-line and determine who should be selected as the ultimate pod star in our pod Road Tour.

And it's All On Demand...

We recognize that in order to be a truly interactive local radio station we have to place equal importance on our on-air and on-line content.

That's why all of podfm's local content will be available on demand at www.podfm.com. Our new radio format is designed to create a local community of listeners that provides direct interaction with the podfm audience and our DJs.

We want podfm to be the true voice of London's young people.

Who We Are

Rogers Broadcasting Limited owns and operates 53 radio stations across the country. Understanding the interplay between content, technology and the consumer has been a key to our success. We have chosen London as the first market to launch our new podfm format designed to give young London listeners a new kind of audience-driven and interactive radio experience that's
personal and on-demand.

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